Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Speedy, my horse and missing things in my life

this is one of my horses named Speedy, most of you know I call him my dream come true, my dream guy :)
Speedy has been sick for a few months now off and on, we finally received a diagnosis that he has lymphoma :( I was devastated after finding out this horrible news but making the most of my time with him, I haven't been able to go out riding him since I had my tumble off him right around the time he was sick and since  he has been more spooky and he isn't seeing correctly out of his right eye so just seeing how he does before I jump back on. If you believe in praying for animals (I do! God provided us with them!)  please pray for Speedy :)
so now onto the topic of what I miss....
I miss...posting on my blog,  drooling over others blogs, being on Pinterest every morning with my coffee and sewing quilts....changing a bunch of areas in my life to make all this happen again! see ya around!!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Stampin Up Blog Hop

 again, its been forever! I said I was going to do better blogging but I didn't keep it up! well I have some Stampin Up friends that are giving me the push to blog since they are doing a blog hop! yay, how fun, right?!!
remember paper crafting? yes my first love BEFORE sewing/quilting? well, my good friend Di, from Di's Country Inkers and  friends are doing it, so play along and jump from each of our blogs and check out what we created, this months theme for the blog hop is April Fools Day, for me that is a hard one to come up with! I have a sense of humor and can laugh with the best of them BUT coming up with something funny doesn't always come quick or easy to me...
so for my card, I was inspired by this funny...

and I came up with this

(ignore that little smudge, not sure how it got there)

used the wacky arrow paper also to keep it fun and the inside just says "April Fools!"

so I don't know if  you "get it" but by showing you my inspiration card that I saw, I am hoping you will now! ha!

anyways, yes I am a Stampin Up Demonstrator! I love it, joined at first just for the perks but meeting so many fun and inspiring people and hoping for my Stampin Up business to grow!

Thank you for taking a peek and don't forget to check out the other ladies!
(hoped I linked them in the right order, but if I didn't, check them all out!)

look for more posts coming up soon, I have so many sewing items to share also! 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

some "small project" sewing and "show and tell Tuesday"

              Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me. John 14:1

I am missing sewing on my quilts! last year I started sewing more small projects to have that instant gratification of completing something in between quilts, I started getting small orders about 6 months ago and haven't worked on a quilt since them, but my focus is going to be my quilting this year after I get my craft room done but still wanted to share this apron and the zip pouch with the matching card holder. I LOOOOVE this Riley Blake Sidewalk line, I have done aprons, zip pouches, card holders and kitchen towels with this line and I still want to buy more!

 had to share my cute little labels, I bought them from MommieMadeIt on Etsy

I sew and sell so many projects with the coral chevron and especially if I add the aqua to it, love that combo together, I keep thinking I have had enough of it but then find myself reaching for it again!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

back to blogging!

 geez, I think I blogged 3 times last year? well enough of that... I miss blogging, a lot! I miss looking at blogs along my sidebar, the past 6 months I have hardly looked at any blogs, and between my favorite blogs and Pinterest, I need both in my life ;)

so whats new, with you few readers of mine? I have missed you! fill me in! with me, lets see....we got another horse!!! his name is Moose, so I have 4 now! Zach is in his 2nd semester of his Sophomore year! where does time go!!! I had my little etsy shop, Blessings and Blossoms  but never got too serious with it because I started my Facebook business page, Blessings and Blossoms and because I have the BEST customers and friends, the FB page has kept me sewing like a mad woman the last 6 months! so now that it is January, I am slowing down (again!), revamping my craft room with new paint on the walls and purging/organizing! took Jane (my Bernina sewing machine) into the shop for a tune up, just in case and I have been making enough to start my ASL private lessons again! super excited and very nervous about doing it!  I learned so much about myself in  the past 6 months while sewing for others, I work well under pressure, I can do more than I think I can, I can and need to say no sometimes (very hard one for me!) and its okay to take chances and fail but I can also take chances and succeed! Hoping to scrapbook more, I miss it the most maybe? but also making my quilts, I have been doing so many small sewing projects but making my quilts are going to really be a priority in my life, I recently emailed a friend if she knew of any quilt alongs I could start and after I sent it to her I just laughed and thought "geez, why not finish at least one of the 4 quilts you have started!" I might still start a new quilt while working on another that I already started.

well I told a couple of friends that I would blog this week, well I did it! (yay me! lol) and it is just as fun as I remembered!  need to add a few new blogs I love also! hugs, everyone!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Abundantly blessed!

   Commit to the lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. Proverbs 16:3 

God is good :)  I have had many trials these past few years, who hasn't? some trials are bigger than others, some really seem so tiny compare to others, but nonetheless, they are still trials. One struggle in particular has been going on in my life for over 10 years. I haven't always been so trusting and faithful, I have had my doubts and worries. I know God is always there but in my weak moments, I haven't always relied solely on Jesus.  I have some very close friends that have had trials, some that I couldn't even imagine what they are going thru. Especially a certain family, the man is the most God honoring man I have ever met, a very close friend. Why does he go through some major struggles, I don't mean just a little struggle here and there, I mean one major struggle that has gone one for over 5 years, why? when he is so faithful to the Lord?  I do know that God has us go through things to help us grow and trust Him more and He always lets us know that He is always there for us. My friend knows Jesus, he has a deep relationship with Jesus, he serves God in everything he does. Yesterday I received a phone call from my friends wife and she wanted to share with me an answered prayer, a prayer that has been prayed for over a year, by numerous people. She was reminding me, even through all their struggles these past several years, that God is faithful, God is always there and gives us exactly what we need, when we need it. I needed to hear this, God is amazing how He works that way, He puts people in our lives to share personal stories with to even uplift us, to help us when we are struggling.  I have another friend that is going thru cancer, just recently found out. she also knows Jesus, I am hoping God will use me to help her, I pray that I can be a blessing to her. All this lately has been on my heart, I just want to be a blessing to people, I want my heart to be in the right place and if I commit to the Lord, everything will be fine.

anyways, I know I haven't blogged since Jan! yikes, that was not my intention!!! I know, I know Dana!I had plans, I had big plans, for blogging, quilting, sewing, etsy shop, my horse riding, my ASL, my this and that! (notice all the "my" "my" "my"? lol too many high set goals, of course life gets busy, struggles come and God has different plans for us and He makes us slow down when we need to, that is exactly what has happened to me, God pretty much said "if you don't put things into perspective, stop worrying/stressing, slow down and stop doing so much, I will slow you down!"  I will share more of that in another post...I am struggling with slowing down, I know God is making me, but at first, it was a struggle, I kept acting the same way but then it hits me and for health's sake, I must slow down, I must stop stressing, I must put things back into perspective. So this is where I am, I am going to keep life simple, I really have to watch my worrying/stressing and just trust in God about situations that are beyond my control. I am so blessed that I have some family that is there for me, some amazing friends and a church family.

so what is new with everyone that used to read my little blog? fill me in, let me know how you are, I know I haven't been the best about keeping up with blogs, which I really miss.Since people really don't check here anymore, since I never blog, not sure if anyone will see this post! ha!  Help keep me accountable, I am starting a new Bible study, I want to keep sewn items in my etsy/fb page and sew my quilts!
yes I have been sewing a little, just recently, I have bought fabric, and I have things I want to sew, so expect to see some projects being done!!! My fabric is organized and I am ready!  I am often home, being the recluse that I am, but just needed a kick in the face to get back on track :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

National Pie day & WIP Wednesdays!

 Did you know that today is National Pie Day?!! how fun is that? do we ever really need a reason to eat pie? no, but if you think you do, now you have a great reason :) Today I will be making chicken pot pie and making a apple pie, or if I decide to sew, then I will go buy a chocolate pie! ha! the guys should really love me tonight :)

I am also still sewing this block for the Riley Blake sewing time, quite didn't happen yesterday like I thought it would..

I am going to play along with Freshly Pieced, WIP Wednesdays, I think it's my first time! I might have done it a long time ago, or thinking I wanted to but not sure if I ever did :) should be fun and help me sew more, right?

Completed projects...
none, yet!

Ongoing projects...
Riley Blake BOM
     just started it this month, there will be 9 blocks

great granny quilt along (for some reason it's taking me forever!
     started cutting only

Scrappy Trip along  (starting a bit late on this one but it's fun!)
     cutting and still gathering scraps :)

Dresden Plate block for my kitchen
     fabric is picked out

Spools quilt (using Marmalade?)
     everything is ready to go, just need to start, will be for my craft room

Big Chevron quilt
     grey and white

Upcoming projects...
Triple Zip along, with A Quilters Table
t-shirt quilt for Zach
quilt for Jim (unless I give him the great granny quilt?)
pattern from a friend quilt :)
new kitchen table runner
Buttercup quilt
new fabric coasters for living room
Dream on quilt
Strawberry fields quilt

Yikes, the list is quite overwhelming but exciting at the same time!

Now off to go peel those apples!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the swing of things

 phew! getting back in the swing of things and developing a new routine has been harder for me this month, a lot of changes for me but I will figure it out :)

as stated in my new post of the year last week mentioning my goals. I did run yesterday! I took off 7 weeks of running, my body and mind definitely feel it now! I ran 3 miles, it was a slow 3 miles but still 3 miles! lets just say I am a bit sore this morning :)

I also sewed yesterday :) I started the Riley Blake Monthly Mystery Block, should be fun, doing it with a friend! this quilt will be one of my goals of (at least) 6 quilts to do this year.  Should finish the total block today.  Today I am participating in Fabric Tuesday over at Quilt Story, gives me the push to get some sewing done since it's always pushed aside.  My other friend Dana is helping me be accountable on my sewing, she is not very subtle about it either! ;) so hopefully her guilt trips will keep me sewing!

Finishing up an apron today and also starting the ever so famous Scrappy Trip Along that everyone is doing! wish I would have started a couple of weeks ago but that is okay :)

while drinking my coffee this morning and reading blogs, I read this. Wow! I love it when God places something in your face right when you need it. If you don't read her blog, you really should! a few words really stood out to me today

"You don’t get to make up most of your story. You get to make peace with it.
You don’t get to demand your life, like a given. You get to accept your life, like a gift.
Beginnings and middles, they are only yours to embrace, to unwrap like a gift.
But you get the endings. You always get the endings.
You get the endings and you get to make them a gift back to the Giver.
She told herself that, tucking falling strands behind her ear: Here wasn’t a glory to wrestle, but a grace to receive. Isn’t everything that is good always hard?
What if — She let herself be loved whatever way her Lord deemed best.
You’ve only accepted Christ as your Lord without reservation — as much as you have accepted your life as a gift without regret."
just go read all of it!